MADE IN ITALY - The real Italian lifestyle


“Buying a Made in Italy piece of furniture is like taking home a precious piece of Italy itself: it promises a unique experience of undying beauty, rooted in tradition and endless passion”


Italy, being an eccentrically multifaceted country, is characterised by a glorious past and a steadily growing present. Not only is it the cradle of the noblest arts, but it is also synonym with ancient traditions and a world-renowned style. Italy, the homeland of the most brilliant and creative minds, creates trends and still represents a scenario of major discoveries and continuous research.
This is Made in Italy, a mix of suggestions that bring back all the wonders of the “Bel Paese”. Made in Italy is more than just a brand, it means quality, tradition and eternal beauty. In the furniture industry, Art Design Group proudly stands for the Italian beauty and savoir faire, thanks to products whose high-profile brands are very well-known in the sector – Turri Made in Italy, Vismara Design, Ceppi Style and so many other. The meticulous attention to detail, the search for a fashionable and sophisticated design, the combination of craft-based knowledge and innovative production methods are just a few of the characteristics that the ADG fifteen companies have in common.
Made in Italy is the added value that makes Italian furniture so refined and unique; and, actually, thanks to these interesting realities’ passion, dedication and care, the products can enjoy a widespread appreciation.