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Luxury furniture for home theatres and gaming rooms

Vismara Design


Luxury furniture for home theatres and gaming rooms


Vismara Design, now one of the leading brands in the luxury furniture sector, took its firs steps back in 1950 as a small craft workshop in Brianza, in the very heart of northern Italy. The company owes its luck to the creativity and the intuitions of Pino Vismara, its founder and first designer, who has always been developing products with refined profiles and an unmistakable style. All Vismara Design furniture solutions represent an authentic expression of sophistication: the selection of noble and precious materials, the meticulous attention to detail and the use of innovative technology give Vismara’s customers the possibility to witness true luxury experiences. Each model is studied and manufactured by experts whose skills can create unique items. Vismara Design realises both classical and modern collections to meet all their customers’ tastes: it is specialised in the production of furniture for the living area, besides focussing on the home entertainment area, which consists of elegant game rooms and exclusive private home theatres.

The Entertainment Collection is Vismara’s answer to the customers’ need to enjoy their free time in the privacy of their own home. Vismara can proudly define itself as the Home Theatre and the exclusive Game Room precursor, which are real temples dedicated to relax and entertainment. Comfortable recliners and latest generation AV systems promise a truly cinema experience. The Game Room represents this collection crown jewel, with an endless variety of gaming tables – all designed by Vismara, hence standing as 100% Made in Italy products. Pool tables, motorised chess tables and the eagerly awaited Mahjong Table are just a few of the wide range of tables that Vismara has created for its Game Room.

luxury furniture

The collection dedicated to the living area represents the traditional heart of Vismara production. The living area, as the central core of relax and entertainment, has welcomed most of Vismara production, starting from the now famous TV holder equipped walls. This piece of furniture is characterised by a strong scenic presence, which transforms and enriches the whole living area. As a final touch, Vismara has designed and realised sofas, small tables, lamps, bookcases and glass showcases – all essential products to create a unique and customised area.

luxury chess square furniture
luxury poker table furniture

The Dining Collection sprang from a great demand from the most passionate lovers of Vismara’s furniture, thus completing the whole living area. This collection presents a refined and extremely elegant production that adorns the dining room with precious tables, designer chairs, cupboards and glass showcases whose presence adds a touch of class to the entire interior. The attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, which have always characterised Vismara’s unmistakable style, are enhanced in the dining area, where nothing is left to chance.



via Carducci, 3 – IT 20822 Seveso (MB)

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