Vismara Design presents its exclusive Mahjong Table


The Italian firm is presenting its new flagship product at Design Shanghai Exhibition.

During Design Shanghai exhibition, which is taking place from 8 to 11 March 2017, the traditional Italian firm Vismara Design is presenting its latest exclusive creation: the Mahjong Table. This is undoubtedly a unique occasion to show its brand new products in the beautiful location of the prestigious Shanghai Exhibition Centre.

As a unique reality in Italy, Vismara echoes a new tendency in the grand furniture market, that of the production of gaming tables for private residences. Recent VIP Entertainment collection has been appreciated all over the world, offering ad hoc solutions for villas and exclusive apartments.


Vismara products uniqueness is enhanced by the new Mahjong Table, the crown jewel of the new collection, where antique Eastern suggestions merge with a fresh and modern style. The Mahjong, a fascinating game of ancient origin, is very popular in China, hence being played by most Asian people.

What makes Vismara Mahjong stand out as a unique piece of furniture is its complex automatic mechanism, skillfully hidden inside the table, that enables the player to concentrate on the game itself without thinking about tiles sorting. Its aesthetic has been studied to the last detail: polished gold steel sections, a professional table mat and lucid white and dove-grey finishing.

mahjong-table  particolare_mahjong_1

Vismara promise to the Chinese market consists of ensuring quality, innovation and refinement for each creation; its products will therefore serve as fierce ambassadors of Italian manufacturing and its timeless taste.