2017 Salone del Mobile: an enormous success for the luxury game room by Vismara Design


Vismara Design impressed and amused the public of Salone del Mobile, one of the Milan-based most famous exhibitions, thanks to its geniality and its luxury Entertainment products freshness.
A great success and a deep satisfaction for this Italian brand, Vismara Design, which has participated in Salone del Mobile in its bright 1 xLux pavilion, fitted with incomparable setting and products: luxury game rooms and home theaters.
What makes Vismara’s 2017 brand-new collection products so special? Luxury entertainment is a new reality that is being met with great approval by the luxury entertainment industry; Vismara did create an entire collection capable to meet a need still “in fieri”, a fertile ground for an offer that can astonish and innovate. This is how the brand visionary designer Pino Vismara has conceived and created its luxury game rooms and its exclusive home theaters.
The public of Salone del Mobile found itself literally catapulted into a human-sized casino, with all types of game tables – from poker to blackjack, from Chinese Mahjong to roulette. Apart from the products, which in themselves inspire a feeling of euphoria, the atmosphere that pervaded the stand was fresh and exciting, a true oasis of fun.

vismara - roulette

Table, particularly appreciated by Asian customers, who have proved to be an increasingly important clientele for the brand. Thanks to the assiduous attention that Vismara devotes to its customers, it was able to create a table that, besides being aesthetically flawless, has a double function: it can in fact serve both as an elegant meeting table and as a Ping-Pong one, granting moments of leisure pursuits between colleagues.
The reigning queen of the stand was undoubtedly Vismara’s Home Theater, which has aroused visitors’ curiosity thanks to its latest generation A/V systems. Its furniture is fitted with every comfort, ranging from reclining armchairs and chaise-longue designs to refrigerating cup holders and armrests with hidden mini-bars.

vismara home cinema