“Planning leads to the creation of little perfect worlds. It is the organisation of a space where everything is in perfect harmony. It is synonym with creativity and balance, besides being the equation that underpins the subtle art of living.”


The ad hoc planning of exclusive environments represents a key point of the ADG philosophy. This group members, all leading companies in the luxury furniture industry, can entirely follow a turnkey project, starting from the conception of the basic idea to its full achievement. Some realities have been specialising in the contract market for years, realising unique and refined environments so as to meet their customers’ needs and ensure them premium quality.
Working since 1925 and running projects all over the world, Turri Made in Italy is a well-known excellence in the luxury furniture industry. Private residencies, lavish hotels and exclusive yachts: this is where the company mostly operates and skilfully furnishes and designs sophisticated environments against the background of the world’s most fascinating cities – Hong Kong, London, New York and Dubai.
Vismara Design, being a real taste-maker and a tireless innovator, represents another outstanding example. Specialised in the luxury and entertainment industry, Vismara Design creates exclusive home theatres and gaming rooms for those who love enjoying their free time in the quietness of their own house. As a leading company in the design of luxury and classical residencies and hôtellerie, Angelo Cappellini can be defined as a traditional reality in the Milanese area since 1886. This brand boasts worldwide projects that are characterised by an unmistakable style and a scrupulous attention to detail, which is definitely its products distinctiveness.